Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Pink Christmas

Hi... Just thought I would post some pics of some cards and altered bits that I have been very lucky to have done for Practical Publishing. They have some great Christmassy magazines out at the moment - full of fabulous inspiration.... Safe to say I think I've been labelled 'Miss Pink' as I've had lots of Pink Christmas Projects on the go! Tee hee - who's complaining - I'm in my element with anything PINK! In the Christmas Bookazine there are some wonderfully colourful Christmas Bits and Bobs made by the most awesome Jo Kill - gorgeous!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Felt Bouquet

Hi! Well, I know I've mentioned my LOVE of felt once or twice - I know, I know...
Anyhooo - one day, some months back now, I googled for some felt flowers and found Princess Lasertron - WOW! As you can see - she's just amazing and totally inspired me to have a go at making some flowers myself. There is a tutorial on her site of how to make felt flowers - it's fab and real easy to do... This is my first kind of 'funky' stitching project as I have never embroidered before - so it isn't too good - but I had great fun and want to make some more now! tee hee... I'd love to know what you think of my attempt - constructive feedback is always gratefully received........

One great tip is to use your sizzix original's dies with felt - they cut so cleanly and are fab with fabrics. There are many bold chapes that can be cut and sewn - like my hanging hearts that I made a while back... Just makes cutting so much easier - as you know I am severely scissor challenged - I cannot cut very well AT ALL!!!!
22nd February 2009 - Just an update following a number of enquiries - It would seem that the u-tube link for Princess Lasertron's tutorial is no longer active. If you visit her blog at Princess Lasertron there are lots of lovely bits and bobs on there and you can contact her directly for any enquiries. I think she's even bringing out some kits too! I am afraid that I don't know her personally - I just GREATLY admire her work and her style!...x....