Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Daring Cardmakers Template

I can't resist a template - hhhmmmm..... Not sure I've done this one justice though... I was rushing again... But I thought I'd post them anyhooo - I didn't quite get all the elements in unfortunately so I think that may disqualify me!
I've found fabulous templates at and If anyone knows of any others, I'd be very very very grateful if you could post a link on my comments - I think when I have some papers and elements that I just have to use - a sketch/template makes it happen so much faster!!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Pink Petticoat and Bowling...x...

I made this card for my Mum to give to her friend who, as you can see, is going to be 65 and likes to play bowls... I used some KanBan images that I picked up at Ali Pali - very useful!
For the papers, I used a collaboration kit from Nitwits and Kay Miller - Happily Ever After - it's one hell of a full kit and suitable for SOOOOoooo many different things.... Think I shall play some more with that this afternoon...x...
And here I have used some Pink Petticoat papers and images - Pink Petticoat started my love of using the computer for cardmaking - and I always go back to them for girly cards - lovely - and of course lots of PINK!!!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008



OOOh this is another NEWBIE thing for me - I've been tagged! How nice of Andrea to think of me - I'm so flattered! However, I can only part play because I'd love answer the questions but honestly don't have anyone to 'tag' myself... "Billy No Mates me!"

1. If a movie was being made of your life who would you like to be cast to play yourself? And why?
Do you know I would have loved it to be Doris Day, just like 'Calam'! I am such a dreamer!...

2. You are spending a whole month on a desert island for charity and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks with & your least favourite celebrity to spend the second two weeks with, who would they be & why?
Celebrity - hmmmmm - don't really watch the box much... But of course if you were to drop Jon Bon Jovi in there I would be quite pleased about that... Tee Hee... And the following week - ermmmmm... I don't know - I can't think who would be least favourite - not that I have many least favourites as I can't think of anyone at all... I am sure that all celebrities are just normal 'human beings waiting to get out'... Oh! Oh!, just thought of something!!!! I guess, in a strange kind of way one those fitness types - it would be hell but maybe they could get me into shape!

3. What are your three favourite crafting products?
My PC/Printer, adhesive and cutter I guess... That's an evil question!

4. If you could invent something to do anything what do you think it would be?
A magic wand that would spread compassion in absolute abundance to each and every sentient being... hmmmm....

5. What are the last three books that you read?
Obedience Training for Winners (or something like that - dog training book)

There is a Spiritual Solution for Every Problem - Wayne Dyer
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying - Sogyal Rinpoche

6. Qvc or create & Craft?

7. Docrafts or Dovecraft or DCWV?
Hmm not really had much use of DoCrafts, but I like both the others, Dovecraft and DCWV... Don't make me choose.... perleeease...x.

8. What is your claim to fame?
I don't think I have one - well - erm - except I guess for my very best friend sending my website link to Simply Cards and Papercrafts Magazine and them asking me to submit some work to them - which was like a dream come true - in fact I am still floating in that bubble waiting for a 'POP'!

Thank you and apologies for noone to tag onto too....

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Impressions of Healing and Calm

What a fantastic name for a digi kit - when I read that title - I just had to have it regardless of the contents - but the contents are FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend to all - it's at It's simply beautiful and I know that I will be creating lots and lots and lots of things with it.x. This is the first one... sorry for the naff picture. I only get time to play after dark so the lighting wasn't good...
I have submitted this card on the Daring Cardmakers Blogspot for Jo's challenge... I think it could be quite easy to become seriously addicted to those challenges... This may be my first, but I really don't think it will be my last!

And here is another card that I made using the new kit at Kay Miller Designs. I love this too - I have been a naughty shopaholic recently haven't I?????...

Ali Pali

Went to Ali Pali yesterday with my bestest buddy Joanne and had a fabulous girly day! Bought lots that I shouldn't have - and nothing that was on my list! Naughty Me.x. So this is just a thank you post to Joanne for sharing a great day with me - thank you!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sorry Riley!

Well, a much needed apology card - as my darling little (???? sorry large and lolopy ????) 7 month old GSD decided to jump all over a 5 month old GSD that we go training with. So embarressing - and totally MY fault... Poor little Riley cried so much - and Buddy - well - he just looked as perplexed as usual - giving me his 'what d'I do now?' look... I just wanted the ground to open and swallow us whole... I know, I know - it's what large and lolopy puppies do, but, I do feel suitable embarressed and terribly sorry as Riley is a lovely placid little thing...
I thought I'd attend my next training class with a card and lovely chewbone for Riley and apologise properly... We are sorry Riley.x.x.x.x.x.x.
(PS - I made this card with a kit from - farleyfriends)