Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Miss Ladybird's Tea Party with pancakes!

Happy Tuesday!!! Did you have pancakes today??? I love pancakes and have now found out that so does my eldest son! He is 6 and has decided that now, today, he LOVES pancakes - he loves them with sugar, he loves them with chocolate spread, and he loves them with ice cream! But most of all he loves them with all of those things - altogether!!! Happy Pancake Day.....
Well - it feels like spring might be on it's way... and I totally fell for this kit by Eva Kipler & Libby Weifenbach! It reminds me of spring - it's so lovely and so colourful and so versatile! I found this little blank ladybird house at Sainsbury's and I had just got the kit the night before, so I thought it was fate and bought the house straight away - and then I painted it up a bit and played and played and played around - no longer safe for real ladybirds I guess - but I am sure I can think of a use - I may pop some hooks inside and keep my spare keys in there - and then I can keep it where I craft because it's so bright and sunny! Yay! I shall do that.x. But I think I will have to buy another house for some real ladybirds as the boys kinda like the idea of giving them a house to keep them snug!...
Thank you for looking!.x.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

I'm SO excited - and I just can't hide it!

Well - I've seen the announcement - I've had the e-mail (honest I have!) and I still feel like I am dreaming!!! Can you see me - can you see my name - can you - can you?... I know - I know! It's in there with all those AMAZING chickadees... OOOOOhhhh I'm fit to burst! Thank you Melissa - thank you thank you thank you.... I will work hard - I promise.... I promise.... I promise....

and thank you Andrea.... ;-) You are my little lucky charm you are!...x...

I'm going to have a cuppa and calm down now!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Eva Kipler

Hi, just a couple of cards that I've made using Eva's kits - for the Creative Team... This is such a wonderful opportunity.... I am loving every minute!...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sweet Shoppe Designs and Inspirational!

So, my very exciting news - VERY VERY VERY exciting.... Firstly, I have been asked to join a Creative Team at The Sweet Shoppe! And it's all thanks to a lovely lady called Andrea... Check her out she is one awesome Hybrid Babe! Thank you Andrea I am having so much fun! The designer who has asked me to join her team (thanks to Andrea) is Eva Kipler and wow do I feel honoured that she has let me loose on her work - she is such an amazing designer - I shall post pics of some of her kits here - go see them - go buy them - they are so easy to work with! So thank you Eva - I will try my best to show your designs for the amazing kits that they are... Thank you for this opportunity.x.

Getting Fresh

Above uses Lola's Lollipop Dream

This card was made using Organically Yours

And secondly - I cannot believe it that I was featured on this wonderful site - Inspirational - oh my goodness! This has been THE BEST crafting week ever - thank you so much to everyone who has taken a look.x.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Scrapbook Graphics...

Hi - just a little card that I made recently... Using Lorie Davison artwork again - isn't she the best! Here is the kit I used in the main... Flitting Fall Fairies. Blogger is playing up a bit today... Hope that link works anyhoooo.... Thanks for looking...x...

Monday, 2 February 2009


How time has flown! I cannot believe my last post was early in December! Naughty Blogger! Honestly, I have been crafting a little, but not had a chance to blog or photograph anything yet! Been getting to know my new toy as well - a whizzy sewing machine.... Note to self - POST YOUR CRAFTING PICTURES SOON!..... x.
Anyway - this is what we've been up to today....

My boys.x.