Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, 23 November 2009

Just to say - I am still here

Oh dear... Poor poor blog... What happened to all those hopes and dreams of 'blogdom' that I had... Inspirational 'how to's....' Links to all those wonderfully inspirational folk on the worldwide webdom of crafting wonderfulness..... Immersing myself - knee deep in pink ribbons, and glamour dust.... Whistful hours, sticking and sewing and dreaming of all things frilly and twee....

Oh well... Real life came back and bit me again!... I am loathe to let my little blog go... It's somewhere to whitter on when I do get 5 mins after all... and yes, I am sorry to have written yet another, 'this is what I've done for Simply Cards and Papercrafts' post... But, these projects are all I have to offer right now and I loved making them... This is a new monthly section that I've been doing - with sketches to inspire... Hope that they work out okay.x.

So, until such time as I do have hours to wallow in trimmings and frills and inks I shall immerse myself in these few projects... and dream..... and how I love to dream whilst scrolling along the lovely Inspirational site... a wonderful place to lose oneself whilst enjoying a cuppa.....x....

Better go back to my real world now... Sorry I don't have much to offer here, but thanks for looking - thank you thank you thank you.x.